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Oakland Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Representation in Oakland, CA

Workers' compensation law is a branch of personal injury law, and an attorney that is not familiar in the practice of both of these fields is one that you should think twice about when enlisting legal support for your case. At The Law Offices of Jonathan M. Brand, your Oakland, CA personal injury lawyer will be knowledgeable in every aspect of personal injury law, particularly as they relate to workers' compensation. Therefore, you can rest assured that the attention you receive from an associate at the firm will be nothing short of everything you need to effectively address a work-related injury, an auto accident injury or anything else. Specifically, the firm is prepared to handle legal matters involving:

Cross Over Cases
If an accident on the job caused injury and that injury was the direct or indirect result of third-party negligence, then both a workers' compensation claim and a personal injury claim can be made.

Car Accidents
More often than not, car collisions are caused by a reckless or negligent driver that was not paying enough attention to the road at the time of the crash. Under these circumstances, the reckless or negligent behavior can be addressed in a personal injury claim.

Construction Site Accidents
The very nature of the work being done on construction sites makes these areas and the people on or near them much more susceptible to injury.

Slip & Fall
Injuries incurred in a slip and fall accident are ones that could very easily have been prevented if the safety measures designed to keep safe visitors to a premises were followed appropriately.

Lien Process
A crucial step to the lien process is having your attorney notify the workers' compensation carrier of the third party action to protect their interest. Failure to do so could dramatically affect the outcome of your case.

Credit Rights
The timing of your case will play an important role in the monies you are able to acquire in a settlement. If not done at the right time, the net recovery to the plaintiff can result in a credit in favor of the workers' compensation carrier.

Alternative Medicine
Not all injury victims are best served by being thrown into the system and treated under standard medical care. Therefore, alternative medicine practices are supported at the firm.

Property Damage
Aside from your injury, an accident that caused damage to your personal property will also need to be claimed.

Injured? Contact a personal injury lawyer in Oakland!

Injury accidents are some of the most difficult to recover from. However, it is not have to be impossible to recover from this type of accident. In fact, under the direction of an associate from The Law Offices of Jonathan M. Brand you stand a much better chance of being compensated for your injury than if you attempted to go it alone. This is because the firm will stop at nothing to ensure that your needs are met and your rights are protected as you work to address the legal aspects of your case, whatever they may be. You will benefit immensely from understanding your rights as a personal injury victim and working towards righting the wrongs that were taken against you. Therefore, it is encouraged that you waste no time in contacting the firm today for the legal support and advice you will need to get you through this difficult time.

Both economic and non-economic damages can be incurred in a personal injury accident, and each will require the attention of a skilled legal professional to ensure that your needs are met to a tee. As you attempt to take on any claim of this nature, you will need to feel secure in the legal representation you have chosen to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf. There is no better professional team to do exactly that then the one at this firm. Here, you will benefit from the services and knowledge of a team of professionals that has been practicing in the field for well over 20 years. Nowhere else will the same level of commitment to the field and dedication to clients be provided to you. Therefore, you should consider none other as your legal representation than The Law Offices of Jonathan M. Brand.

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