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Workers' Compensation FAQ

Advice from an Oakland Workers' Comp Lawyer

The Law Offices of Jonathan M. Brand serves as legal counsel for injured workers that are seeking full compensation in work-related injury claims. The firm offers answers to common questions about workers' comp for you; if you have specific questions regarding an injury case, connect with an attorney from the firm to get the full details about what can be done for you. With over 20 years in the business of protecting the rights of injured workers, the legal team has a great deal of about the process, including managing appeals and pursuing compensation from other sources beyond your employer. The firm has recovered millions of dollars in settlements Call us today.

Do I need an attorney to get benefits after a workplace injury?

You do not need an attorney, but many people who have suffered an injury at work, particularly a serious injury, would want to consider retaining a highly qualified Oakland workers' compensation attorney. Some injury claims are denied, or you may be told you are ready to return to work while you need more time to recover. In other cases, there is a third party (or more than one) that may be liable, and in these cases, the firm can pursue compensation beyond workers' compensation benefits. The process can be confusing and frustrating. The attorney representing you can take care of every detail, and you are invited to get in touch with us to find out more about how they can serve you in your case.

What do I do if my claim is denied?

There are a great number of valid claims that are denied. Your employer could claim that your injury was not actually work-related, or you may have failed to submit the correct information. In workers' comp claims, it is all in the details. At our firm, we can assist you to file an appeal. You have limited time in which to file an appeal, so make sure you act quickly and do not lose the opportunity to file the appeal.

What are the benefits I could get through workers' comp?

There are only certain benefits available, which include the cost of your medical treatments, temporary disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation training costs, as well as in cases of permanent injury, permanent disability benefits, and for families who have lost a loved one, death benefits. Workers' compensation covers physical injuries, repetitive motion injuries, mental injuries as well as cases of conditions caused by toxic exposure and occupational conditions and diseases.

How long can I get treated for my injuries?

You have the right to get treatment as long as it is deemed to be medically necessary. Some types of injuries have limits on the number of visits you are allowed. You are covered for 24 chiropractic appointments, 24 physical therapy appointments, and 24 occupational therapy appointments, under current law.

Contact the firm to get your individual questions answered. A free case evaluation is a good way to start the process.

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