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"Deck the Halls" Safely: Avoiding Holiday Health Hazards at Work

The holidays can be the most exciting time of the year for people all around the country, especially when their workplace starts to get into the spirit of things. Festivities of all sorts are fun and well, up to a certain point. If safety is not at the forefront of peoples' actions and behaviors, some holiday health hazards can crop up unexpectedly.

Check out this list of holiday dangers you should know how to prevent:

  1. Fire hazards: One of the most common decorations to hang around the office is a wreath, or a bough of holly. While beautiful, they can pose a huge danger if left hanging near lights, or open sources of flame or heat. Ensure they are always placed in a cool location.
  2. Broken glass: Ornaments hanging off Christmas trees are prone to falling and breaking, as anyone who celebrates the holiday surely knows. Watch out for the shards they leave behind, especially if the tree is positioned over carpeting, where slivers can collect unseen.
  3. Food poisoning: Most holiday parties feature a potluck that everyone has to contribute to, but how many people in your office actually cooks regularly? Poorly prepared food, especially meats, can become contaminated easily if left out on a platter.
  4. Crowds: For anyone who works retail, they know that the holiday rush is the most frenetic time of the year. News reports pop up each season of people suffering serious injuries due to a stampede when a big sale is announced. Please be careful and avoid large masses of shoppers – no discount is worth injury!
  5. Cold and flu: Festivities at your workplace will probably expose you to people you have never even met before. Sounds like fun, unless you are prone to catching foreign illnesses. A little bottle of hand sanitizer never hurt to keep at your desk just for these occasions.

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